Why Poodle?

"We had enough of "Wen Flare" & wnated to make a fun memecoin to celebrate flare launch."

$POODLE is the first flare dog coin for Flare/Songbird community,50% of the total supply has been airdropped to the Flare/Songbird community.

It is memecoin "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE". Every transfer will burn 1% automatically making it first ever deflationary coin on FLARE network. Fixed supply was 100 Trillions - burning with every transfer.

All you need to know

We proudly welcome you to our Flare Poodle Coin. Poodle is the first flare dog coin on Flare blockchain. The Flare Poodle is a Meme coin; every community member has a fair chance to make fun, trade, and be part of the community. Poodle coin provides equal opportunity for our community. Poodle develops a system to burn the token on every transaction, and 1% of the transaction amount will be burned on every transfer.

Our NFT Collections

Songbird Poodle on Songbird Network - Minted out with supply of 6425! There is weekly $POODLE airdrop to the holders (every friday), earning 7M $POODLE weekly per NFT

Beyond the weekly airdrops, Songbird Poodle NFT holders also benefit from our delegation pool's Flaredrops, which has amassed over 900,000+ WFLR. This additional reward layer adds significant value to your NFT, enhancing the overall utility and appeal of the Songbird Poodle collection.

"Poodle & Friends on Flare Network," a special NFT collection born from the synergy of six collaborative projects, all united as partner members. With a total supply of 15,00 NFTs now fully minted, this collection represents the pinnacle of creativity and community within the Flare Network ecosystem.

Holders of these NFTs have the exclusive ability to stake their treasures and earn $POODLE tokens daily & Flardrop monthly.