All you need to know!

POODLE COIN is made for the people

We proudly welcome you to our Flare Poodle Coin. Poodle is the first flare dog coin on Flare blockchain. The Flare Poodle is a Meme coin; every community member has a fair chance to make fun, trade, and be part of the community. Poodle coin provides equal opportunity for our community. The Poodle Coin will airdrop its 50% coins to the Songbird & Flare community.
Poodle develops a system to burn the token on every transaction, and 1% of the transaction amount will be burned on every transfer.
POODLE NFTs collection will be launched on FLR network & holders will receive POODLE coin.


POODLE is the memecoin "For the People, By the People." 50 % (50 trillion) of the total supply will be airdropped to the Songbird Community. While waiting for the Flare, the Poodle contributions were tired of the "Wen Flare" question and wanted to make a meme coin where everyone gets a fair opportunity. We aim to celebrate the Flare launch and bring liquidity to new flare dexes.

1. 20% of the coin is being Distributed amongst 10+ active SONGBIRD NFT projects. List of the projects:
FatCats , Cooties, SpaceCats, Sparktan, OracleSwap, Canary-punks, SuperBadSeries, Cosmic-bombers, Animalove, The Grungies, Canaryx, Cybr, Lizart, Toadz, Xmas-elves.

2. 15% of the supply is going to Songbird/Flare delegators by taking snapshot of WSGB & WFLR holders.

3. 10% will go towards Flare holders with minimum balance of 100 FLR.

4. 5% will be giveaways on our twitter from time to time.

-> 5. 20% is allocated to the early contributors who helped & continue to develop POODLE. There are over 10 individuals whom has provided early support in the form of smart contract, web development, inital liquidity, NFT artwork and more.

-> 6. 5% will be used for marketing promotions with teams, giveaways & designing.

-> 7. 5% will go towards a POODLE DAO to be used for initiatives conceived by the POODLE community. DAO members will control further distribution & management of POODLE.

8. 10% will be given to our POODLE NFTs holders.

9. 5% will be added towards inital liquidity distribution.